Free Clinics & Challenge Matches

Free clinics by world reknown Chance Marsteller will be provided after registration on Thursday and Friday night. Free Challenge Matches for wrestlers who lose their first two matches (and any others interested), to ensure extra matches. Also open to wrestlers

Trophies, Medals & All-American Certificates

One Wrestler from each Division in each weight class in each grade will be crowned National Champion and receive an Adidas Champion Trophy. The top 8 place finishers from each division in each weight class will receive awards and adidas

Coaches Gift

Coaches receive a special adidas event gift with coaches’ registration.

Team Trophies

Team Registration/Divisions Boys K-8, Men’s 9-12, Women’s K-12. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places for each Division. When registering for each division, PLEASE enter your team/club name exactly the same on the registration portal. Coaches can enter up to 15 wrestlers

Finalist Singlets

The top 2 wrestlers in each division in each weight class will receive a FREE custom-designed adidas singlet to wear for the finals.